Hoops VR

Experience basketball in a stunningly realistic way! Walk around and make epic shots in 5 different game modes:

  • Practice,

    Throw as many balls as you like for as long as you like.

  • HORSE,

    Two players try to make shots, matching shots made by the other.

  • HORSE - Three balls variant,

    Players get three attempts to matched a challenge.

  • Rapid Fire time trial,

    Limited time, unlimited balls.

  • Around the World,

    Go around the 3-point line on both sides of the court.

iOS and Android support Google Cardboard or similar devices, VR can also be turned off in game if needed.

GearVR works exclusively with the Samsung GearVR.

Get it on Google Play iOS app on App Store Contact Oculus and ask for HoopsVR to be added!

Chunk Munch 3D

!!!Warning!!! Highly Addictive Gameplay.
Easy to learn, hard to master, 3D Puzzle.
It's the classic Same Game with a third dimension!

Available for free on both iOS and Android!

Get it on Google Play iOS app on App Store